If you are currently struggling with a chronic or environmental illness, I want you to share in my story of victory. I was very blessed to find some amazing strategies to fully recover from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), toxic mold exposure, and Crohn’s disease, strategies which I believe have the potential to help many others.

Many who suffer from chronic illness have no hope of recovery and expect nothing but a future constrained and limited by their illness. At Conquered Illness, we believe there is hope even in a world so filled with health hazards. We believe the body was created to heal itself and not only fully recover, but come back stronger than ever. Recovery takes diligence and care, but it is also more readily available than most expect.  This is what I have found and what I desire to share with others.

Check out my ebook under "story". Set up a time to talk with me under "get help" or check out my vlog which chronicles health tips, ideas, and my current adventures unhindered by illness.