Conquered Illness (ebook)

 50 page ebook explaining the three-fold approach I used to recover from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, toxic mold exposure, Crohn's Disease, and colitis. Conquered Illness is a PDF download with 30 day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied just send us an email asking for a refund.

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What makes my experience helpful?

1. My experience included two major aspects of the chronic spectrum, both digestive and environmental sensitivity.  This forced me to learn about a wide range of dietary and environmental factors for health.

2. My sickness was severe.  I understand the grief that many who suffer from Chronic Illness experience when they see someone who claims they have the same disease, but they don’t have it all that bad.  I also know that it is easy to exaggerate symptoms and trump up one’s sickness for profit and compassion.  Nevertheless, here are some of my stats: pernicious anemia — severe b-12 deficiency, retinal degeneration, endoscopy revealing over 40 ulcerations in my intestines, bloody stools daily for over 2 years, lived outside in a tent for 6 months because of indoor air intolerance.

3.  My methods were not extreme, yet my recovery is complete.  In my journey, I found that the means to health were often easier and more simple than I expected.  Today, I eat fast food occasionally, spend hours in moldy buildings, talk on my cell phone, etc. with no ill effects.  I’ve gone from not being able to walk a block to running 10 miles no problem.

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4. My MCS was developed through both toxic mold and chemical exposure.  Over a period of four years, I was exposed to toxic mold through two workplace environments and my home environment.  But I also had severe exposure to pesticides, herbicides, and carbon monoxide at another workplace in that time.  Through this, I learned how to deal with both severe fungal and chemical exposure.

5. I don't sell products, just information.  There's no snake oil here.  My story is not like many others who have recovered giving all credit to one miracle supplement or therapy which they also just happen to be selling for three easy payments of $19.99.  Like you’re too stupid to realize that’s $60?  In my quest for recovery, I have found a lot of great products and therapies all which work wonderfully!  Many of them are free.  Most of them are inexpensive.  While I did spend thousands of dollars on various “miracle” supplements, I found that often less is more and simple is better.  The best cures are the ones that cost little or nothing.

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6. I’m an economist.   When I got sick and began to study health, I found that my background in business and economics was extremely helpful in allowing me to develop unique insights and strategies for recovery.  I was able to see through the deceptive marketing strategies and government corruption that have manipulated and distorted both the established and alternative medical communities.