The Common Cold (Post Chronic?)

Those who find victory over severe sickness through encouraging the body to heal itself also find additional benefits.  Not only do they overcome their primary ailment, they also overcome many other minor health nuisances.  Annoyances like ache, dandruff, fatigue, and frequent colds, are replaced by healthy skin, enhanced athletic ability, enhanced thinking skills and memory, etc.  The body can do amazing things when it’s provided the right catalysts.

One major benefit I have found is the severe reduction in regular sickness.  You know those nasty colds and viruses that go around?  In the past, I used to fear those things: “I don’t want to get that!” and, “Stay away from me with those germs.”  But not any more.  Since obtaining full recovery, I’ve only gotten sick a hand full of times and it’s never been that bad.  Last week I had another one of these minor inconveniences so here are three observations I made on common sicknesses.

1.  Post chronic sickness: not really sick?

So I got sick.  On Tuesday, I started to feel my throat get slightly sore.  It was minor, no pain, but I could tell it wasn’t healthy.  The next day the scratchy throat disappeared shortly after rising.  I had some extra congestion throughout the day and that was it.  I let myself sleep an extra hour for three nights and took an extra nap on Wednesday.  That was the extent of my sickness.  I know, right?  Cry me a river; life is hard.

This is the value of the body-healing strategies.  They don’t just cover symptoms.  You actually get healthier and are able to operate at a much higher level.  I was still able to work 70 hours that week and really nothing in my life was affected by my sickness.  I didn’t sound or look sick so I wasn’t prevented from doing anything that I’d normally do.

2.  Kick them when they’re up and when they’re down.

Health strategies that are good for one disease are good for all diseases.  There are specific therapies that are more effective against one or another area of health, but things that are generally healthy for one part of the body should be healthy for all the rest.  And strategies that heal one disease should also help with every other disease.

I should probably write more on this in the future, but this “kicking” strategy well describes my approach to sickness.  The moment I noticed I was potentially getting sick I took immediate action, think bringing a bazooka to a fistfight... or maybe the US Air Force to a football game.  Waiting around to see if it get’s worse doesn’t happen.  If it moves; shoot it.  All afternoon Tuesday and some of Wednesday I gargled with essential oils or salt water every one or two hours.  I began talking powerful doses of essential oils internally and did so until Thursday.  Beating a dead horse could definitely describe how I deal with sickness and so far it’s worked well for me.

3.  Strike a Balance: Live your Life

I’ve also noticed that my susceptibility to such sickness correlates with how healthy I eat and how much sleep I provide myself.  I eat super healthy 90% of the time, but there is usually one or two times a week where I break the rules.  Last week I ate out once, had a sugary soda and processed popcorn with a friend one evening, and chowed down on a huge bag of (non-GMO) corn chips.  Add to that that I’m always pushing myself on sleep and you get a less than optimum immune system.  To be completely honest,  I’ve been sick three times this year.  Two of those were in smoggy LA.  All three of those times the sickness were nothing much to sneeze at.  Yet, before I began allowing the occasional compromise it had been almost 2 years since I was sick with anything besides detox symptoms.  It was nice never being sick, but the small inconveniences (colds/viruses) that I now experience on occasion are certainly worth being able to eat out with friends on occasion.  In my mind, health is only fun if you use it.  So I enjoy exercising my health regularly so I can do the things I want to do.  I don’t live in fear of being sick and I don’t try to avoid it at all costs.

So give your body what it needs to heal itself and watch sickness become obsolete.