What Supplements do You Use? (Supplements in Russia)

I was asked this question by a friend the other day and thought it would make a great notebook entry.  As I will describe in my ebook, I tired many different supplements while I was recovering from my illness.  But I found that there were many other (and free) strategies that worked better than direct depositing my paycheck at the local supplement store.  The ebook covers the five principles that govern my approach to health.  My current use of supplements is driven by my long-term goals and the third principle of that philosophy.

My long-term goal is to have health that can robustly withstand living in a big city in Europe, maybe Moscow, Rome, Berlin, Paris, or another such city.  I also desire to do a good amount of travel and still maintain a solid level of health.  Part of this is not being dependent upon a super strict diet and being able to go for weeks of time without supplements and medications.  It will also require robust enough health to allow me to endure different environments and exposure to the chemicals and pollutants common in big cities. 

I ate Creme Brulee in Russia.  It was amazing.

I ate Creme Brulee in Russia.  It was amazing.

This week I’ll cover what supplements I used when I took my trip last summer to Moscow.  In the next post or two, I’ll discuss what I did during my 6 month stay in LA and finally what I do now.

Moscow (two week trip)

Last year when I went to Moscow for two weeks, I took the following supplements along:

1.  Essential oils (In carry-on):  I took a bunch of these.  They’re light, compact, and travel well.  They had to pass through the radiation machines (X-ray) like I did, but they still seemed to work well while I was in Russia.  While there, I probably used the “Gray Matter Batter” mix from Aura Cacia the most.  Since it includes peppermint and lavender, it’s great for strengthening digestion, reducing nausea, and providing the body with loads of antioxidants and other healthy goodies.  Furthermore, it doubles as a great toothpaste!  I used a few drops on the flights there and back and also used them daily while I was there.

2.  Coconut oil (Checked):  I took 2-3 tablespoons of this per day.  Coconut oil bolsters digestion, provides loads of energy, and is filling.  It was great to have this healthy familiar food in Moscow.

3.  Garden of Life Raw Green Food (Checked):  I took a scoop of this each day.  This provided my body with a high-nutrient supplement it was familiar with.  At the time, even back home I was taking this in the morning every day.  The body likes familiar things so starting off each day with something familiar and healthy was a plus.

Russian Kvass - super healthy soda replacement they drink in Russia. 

Russian Kvass - super healthy soda replacement they drink in Russia. 

4.  Primal Defense Probiotic (Checked):  Primal Defense is my probiotic of choice.  It’s the bomb (awesome).  So I took a handful of these.  I ran out near the end but didn’t suffer any consequences.

5.  LDN (Low-Dose Naltrexone)  This is the one drug that I advocate.  It is also the bomb and probably the main reason I had the most robust health I’d ever had during those two weeks.  I don’t take LDN habitually and haven’t taken it since I went to Russia.

6.  Melatonin.  The entire team I went with took this to help combat the jet-lag and it seemed to work like a charm.

My health in Moscow was the best it has been up to that point.  Russia has lots of healthy local food; it’s amazing.  Even our camp food included raw butter or cream every morning, freshly made bread amazing soups, and some of the most amazing pork you’ve ever had!

Next post I’ll cover what I did while I was in LA and what I do currently.

Healthy food in the market.  Everything was locally grown! 

Healthy food in the market.  Everything was locally grown!