What Supplements do you use? (Health in Smoggy LA)

My time in LA highlights well my general approach to health.  That is, do enough good so that your body is always healing.  Obtaining the best health possible is not my life goal.  My philosophy is more “just do what it takes to get by (plus some awesomeness for the top).”  When I first arrived in LA, I slacked off in many areas.  Here’s how:

  • I stopped grounding myself entirely.  (I wasn’t doing anything to protect against EMFs like walking barefoot or using earthing bands, etc.)
  • I stopped super foods, juicing, etc.
  • I began drinking tap (Brita filtered water.)  My friend in water filtration said Brita is like putting a sock over your tap.  Probably an exaggeration, but close.
  • My exposure to pollution wet way up.  LA and the surrounding area has thick smog.  A worst-nightmare-scenario for most suffering from MCS.  Even outside is not safe.  
  • I stopped all supplements.

This did not work out so well.  My health began to deteriorate and it was clear my body was not in a healing mode.  So I began to make changes.  And here’s what I ended up doing to compensate for all the bad environmental stuff my body was dealing with:

  • I added back grounding, a cheep, easy, non-life-limiting practice.
  • I added back some super foods.  Specifically, I added back raw egg yokes, some raw milk, veggie juices (occasionally), and raw liver (rarely).
  • I began drinking bottled spring water.
  • To compensate for the assaults on my lungs, I began diffusing essential oils 2-3 times per week. (Explained below.)
  • I added back some supplements.

Here was my list of supplements:

1.  Primal Defense Ultra.  I would guess I averaged about 6-8 per day of these guys.  As I explained in part 1, these probiotics rock.  I didn’t have any GI problems while there, but these guys are always a good idea, no matter how rock-n-roll your gut is.

2.  Cod liver oil—Blue Ice by Green Pastures.  Great stuff.

3.  Perfect Food by Garden of Life.  Every morning I drank a glass of this great green food supplement.  I mix in 2-4 raw egg yokes and my cod liver oil.  If I can’t have a meal, that alone is enough to keep me going for the day.

4.  Essential oils.  These are great diffused into the air.  In LA, I diffused two or three times a week (when I remembered to) with the following combinations:  Thieves (YoungLiving), Gray Matter Batter (Aura Cacia), and a mixture of frankincense, lemon, and lemongrass (Aura Cacia).  This seemed to be pretty important for keeping my energy level way up.

All this gave me good health for the rest of my 6 months living just outside the smoggy city.  I didn’t fret about going into the city once or twice a week.  There were some really bad days where I didn’t exercise and stayed indoors and I didn't do any running while I was there.  But during this time I consistently pushed my sleep, waking up at 4am or 5am and was able to function just like any other normal person.

During this time, I ate a very strict diet.  I’m usually strict anyway, but in LA, nothing processed, gluten, or dairy (except raw) entered my mouth.  (I take that back, I DID have four or five slices of Whole Foods’ Pizza.)  Healthy diet was important for me during this time.  If you’re breathing in lots of bad stuff, you’re better off not ingesting bad stuff too.  I didn’t feel constrained by my health, like my sickness was requiring me to return to Florida.  Back in Florida, my health is better only in that I can sleep less and I seem to be gaining ground faster in building strength/muscle.  Smog and all, I wouldn’t be afraid to return... and maybe I will some day.

“I’m in Los Angeles today. Asked a gas station employee if he ever had trouble breathing.  He said, it varies from season to season.” - Death Cab for Cutie, “Why you’d want to live here” lyrics